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Here at Think Tank Green We Do It Differently!

Below you can fill out the Lease Application right here online. If you prefer to fill to out “old school style”, just contact us by clicking here, and we will be happy to send you the form via email.

Either way, allow us to take a minute and explain what we need and why we need it.

We couldn’t  care less about your credit! we are interested in only TWO THINGS:

  • Do You make enough money to afford the place?
  • And, Are Your Ready to move in?

As such, we need to have you show us that you TAKE HOME a minimum of 3 times whatever the monthly lease amount is. If you can do that, and you have the deposit then most all the time you are going to be qualified to get in the place!


Just fill out the application, upload your docs, sign and submit. We can usually get you processed within 24 hours and you could be moving in within a few days.