Swimming Pool Design and Maintenance

According to the Arkansas Health Department, The Rules & Regulations Pertaining to Swimming, Spray, and Wading Pools require that plans be submitted to the Department of Health for review and approval, prior to the initiation of construction, or modification, or equipment & plumbing changes made to any existing system for all swimming pools, wading pools, and spray pools; whether public or semi-public.  In addition to this, pools must be inspected by a representative of the Health Department by Environmental Health Specialists prior to opening each season.

ThinkTankGreen is committed to the health, safety and welfare of all Arkansans. we offer the following services related to swimming pools, wading pools and spray pools:

  • Existing Aquatic Facility Evaluation: We help our clients make informed decisions regarding current and future options for the purpose of extending or enhancing the life and revenue stream of existing facilities.
  • Renovation: Combined water resources and geotechnical expertise provides structural shell engineering solutions to both pool shell failures and for rehabilitation and upgrades.
  • Programming and Concept Design: We can help you plan your swimming pool facilities for both recreational and competitive use. We can evaluate the site for aquatic design, programming and master planning.
  • Design Services: Include but are not limited to recirculation, filtration, sanitization, structural engineering of the pool shell, and electrical engineering.
  • Construction Observation: We work with regional, state, and national swimming pool contractors and fully understand the swimming pool construction process, techniques, and schedule implications. We use our engineering knowledge to foresee unexpected problems, correct them in the field, and attempt to navigate past them before costly errors can occur.